The University of Connecticut

Ubiquitous and Urban Computing (U2C) Lab

Suining He

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Email: suining[dot]he[at]uconn[dot]edu

Office: ITE 337

Address: 371 Fairfield Way Unit 4155, Storrs, CT 06269-4155

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Mahan Tabatabaie

Research Interest: Ubiquitous Driver Data Analytics

Email: mahan[dot]tabatabaie[at]uconn[dot]edu

Yawen Deng

Research Interest: Artificial Internet of Things

Email: yawen[dot]deng[at]uconn[dot]edu

Hao (Wang) Wang

Research Interest: Artificial Internet of Things

Email: hao[dot]3[dot]wang[at]uconn[dot]edu

Md. Mahbub Hasan (co-advised with Dr. Bing Wang)

Research Interest: Internet Measurement and Differential Privacy

Email: md_mahbub[dot]hasan[at]uconn[dot]edu

Jashleen Abreu Flores (co-advised with Dr. Carolyn Lin)

Research Interest: Smart and Connected Community

Email: jashleen[dot]abreu_flores[at]uconn[dot]edu

Farshid Nooshi

Research Interest: Ubiquitous and Urban Computing

Email: name[dot]name[at]uconn[dot]edu

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Rishabhsinh Virpura

Research Interest: Mobile Computing and Data Analytics

Email: rishabhsinh[dot]virpura[at]

Yuyao Li

Research Interest: Smart and Connected Community

Email: yuyao[dot]li[at]uconn[dot]edu

Ge Li

Research Interest: Language Modeling and Fake News Detection

Email: ge[dot]li[at]uconn[dot]edu

Brennen Ravenberg (co-advised with Dr. Cristina Connolly)

Research Interest: Location Data Mining

Email: brennen[dot]ravenberg[at]uconn[dot]edu

Wassay Qureshi

Research Interest: Application of Convolution Neural Networks

Email: wassay[at]uconn[dot]edu

Nicholas Pang

Research Interest: Traffic Modeling and Deep Learning

Email: nicholas[dot]pang[at]uconn[dot]edu

Xi Yang

Research Interest: Transportation and Sensor Data Mining

Email: xi[dot]yang[at]uconn[dot]edu

Previous MSDS 2019-2020; PhD 2020-2023; Current Position: Sr. Data Scientist at AspenTech

PhD Dissertation:: Spatio-Temporal Human Mobility Analytics and Prediction

• Marckwin Bristhole (Previous Undergraduate Researcher, 2024 Spring), Apple
• Ge Li (Previous Undergraduate Researcher, 2023-2024 AY), Northeastern University
• Bryce Yamamoto (Previous Undergraduate Researcher, 2024 Spring), UConn Master's Program
• Betul Agirman (Previous Undergraduate Researcher, 2023-2024 AY), RTX
• Wassay Qureshi (Previous Undergraduate Researcher, 2023-2024 AY), Amazon Robotics
• Sebastiano Alderucci (Previous Master of Engineering (MENG) Student (Capstone Project), 2023 Fall), Data Engineer@Travelers
• James Maniscalco (Previous Undergraduate Student, 2022 Spring), Data Scientist@IBM
• Anthony Lorenzetti (Previous Master of Engineering (MENG) Student (Capstone Project), 2022 Summer), P&W
• Susmita Ojha (Previous Master's Student, 2022-2023), Industry
• Guoyang Wang (Previous Master's Student, 2021-2023), Industry
• Shariq Khan (Previous Master's Student, 2021-2023), Machine Learning Engineer at The Harford
• Jiangshan Hong (Previous Undergraduate Researcher, 2020-2021), MS@University of South California
• Zhuoran Chen (Previous Undergraduate Researcher, 2020-2021), MS@CMU